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Brine Pipeline / Pump Station project. Closeup of red metal valve.

ACEC Utah Grand Award! Brine Pipeline/Pump Station Project

March 10, 2021

BC&A was awarded the Grand Award for the Brine Pipeline Pump Station project! Client: Magna Water District

The Brine Pump Station and Pipeline System is owned by Magna Water District and was designed by Bowen Collins and Associates. The brine pump station coveys brine concentrate that is created as a byproduct of an electrodialysis Reversal drinking water treatment process to the District’s wastewater treatment plant. Due to the corrosive nature and chemical composition of the brine fluid, the project required several unique engineering and design features to provide a system to transport the brine fluid safely and effectively.

Congratulations to project manager Cristina Nelson and a great team of BC&A employees who helped with the design, permitting, and construction management of the project!