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BC&A Received the ACEC-Utah Grand Award for the Biosolids Improvement Project at JBWRF!

March 11, 2022

Congratulations to the design and construction management team for their work over the past several years for the planning, design, and construction management of a $27.9 million biosolids improvement project for South Valley Sewer District.

With BC&A’s assistance, SVSD chose to design and construct an on-site facility at JBWRF to improve the characteristics of the produced biosolids making them easier to dispose and potentially reuse.

Our design team worked closely with SVSD to ensure the new process seamlessly fit into their existing operations, working with facility staff to ensure minimal disruptions during construction. The new facility will save SVSD $1.1 million dollars annually in haul costs and landfill tipping fees while diverting no less than 18,000 tons of material out of the limited local landfill resources per year. Further, the new thermal dryer produces a Class A Biosolid that can be reused as a soil amendment/fertilizer. Through this project BC&A helped SVSD transform their biosolids from a costly liability to a sustainable and reusable commodity.

We are honored to have been presented with the ACEC-Utah Grand Award!