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BC&A was awarded the 2022 Circle of Excellence Award!

August 1, 2022

For the sixth year in a row, BC&A has been included on PSMJ’s Circle of Excellence list! PSMJ created this award as a way to recognize and showcase architectural and engineering firms that excel in areas such as productivity, efficiency, cash flow, business development, staff growth, and turnover.

As an existing or future client, our inclusion on the PSMJ Circle of Excellence for the past six years means:

  • You can feel confident in our staff productivity. When you hire BC&A, you will get an honest and efficient effort, maximizing your return on investment, their continuing professional development, and in the way we track and manage finances.
  • You can expect quality products and services. Our standard of quality ultimately leads to successful project designs, thorough and clear deliverables, and efficient construction management.
  • We are here for the long run. With staff turnover among the lowest in the industry, the BC&A personnel you work with today can continue to be a part of your team for years to come.

Please visit PSMJ’s website at to read more about the Circle of Excellence recognition, and why we feel so honored to be included on this list.

The firms recognized in the Circle of Excellence set the standard for outstanding and sustainable business results…The top-performing firms just think and act differently from the rest of the pack to achieve extraordinary business performance.”

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA, Founder and CEO of PSMJ Resources