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BC&A Welcomes Three New Employees!

June 6, 2012

BC&A would like to welcome three new employees to our family! Devin Stoker, Nathan Wright and Riley Bradshaw.

Devin is a recent graduate from Utah State University holding a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Hydraulics. While working as a student at the USU Water Lab, he assisted in physical modeling for one of our projects (Utah Lake Pump Station). Devin is currently working on hydraulic modeling, water resource planning projects and financial analysis for utility rate and impact fee assessments. Devin also passed the “Famous BC&A Prospective Employee Quiz” with flying colors, placing him as the top candidate for employment at BC&A!

Nathan is an intern for BC&A and is currently a student at Utah State University working on a concurrent master’s degree within the Department of Civil Engineering. He is expected to graduate in spring 2013.

Riley is also an intern with BC&A and is finalizing his last year of his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Utah State University. He is expected to graduate in December 2012.