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Movember Results!

December 5, 2013

A big thank you to all who participated in Movember this year. BC&A raised $814 for the charity!

Mustache Winners:
Man of Movember (Most donations): Chris Mikell
Miss Movember (Most donations): Bonnie Baucom
Best of Show: Chris DeKorver
Most Fitting: Cody Moultrie
Most Disturbing: Andrew McKinnon
Dirtlip Award: Nathan Wright

This years participants were:
Ryan Oberg
Mike Chandler
Jason Luettinger
Cody Moultrie
Chris DeKorver
Brian Mecham
Chris Mikell
Mike Collins
Seth Riggs
Steve Beardall
Steven Meyer
Brian Abel
Nathan Wright
Frank Roberts
Wayne Winsor
Lowell Williams
Andrew McKinnon
Jordan Oyler

Although the photo only shows 13 people, we had 18 participants this year! We look forward to Movember 2014!