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“Water Sculpting the Future of the West”

April 29, 2011

BC&A commissioned Daryl Devy of Central Utah Water Conservancy District to create a sculpture for display at our office. Daryl has been sculpting since he was 12 years old, and was happy to take on the challenge. The motivation and idea for the sculpture came from the Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project. Daryl uses old scrap parts from various sources and welds them together to create his masterpieces. Some of the parts he used for the sculpture were washers; a shifting cable from a bicycle for the lifting cables; a Kawasaki Motorcycle bolt for the hook; a piece of television wall mounting for the backbone of the crane; a large bolt sliced into pieces for the wheels on the crane track; and welding wire for the lattice on the boom. The two figures were hand formed out of wax, cast into plaster, heated to make the form, poured bronze in the form, sprayed the bronze figures with pot ash and then ferric chloride to get the final colors. The pipe was coated with titanium dioxide to achieve the color. The base for the sculpture was custom made in Heber with the intent to look like a trench. The scale used equates to a 72-inch diameter pipe. We are very proud to have Daryl’s sculpture on display in our office foyer.