We specialize in water, wastewater, structural, industrial, environmental, site development, electrical, construction management, and geographic information services (GIS).

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Planning & Management

  • Development of Water Conservation Plans
  • Water Demand and Use Studies
  • Water Source Master Planning

Drinking Water

  • Capital Facilities Plans
  • Chlorine, Fluoridation, and UV Treatement
  • Computer Modeling of Age, Particle, and Chemical Tracing
  • Design of Groundwater Treatment Facilities
  • Design of Raw Water Storage Facilities
  • Design of River Diversion Structures
  • Design of Storage Tanks
  • Design of Surface Water Treatment Plants
  • Distribution System Master Planning
  • Large Diameter Pipeline Design
  • Major Conveyance Facilities Master Planning
  • Pumping and Booster Stations
  • Water Distribution System Hydraulic Modeling
  • Water Metering Structures and Devices
  • Water Rights

Storm Water/Flood Management

  • Assistance with Forming Storm Water Utilities
  • Design of Channel Stabilization Methods
  • Design of Detention/Retention Facilities
  • Design of Drainage Collection and Conveyance Facilities
  • Design of Flood Management Levees
  • Design of Open Channel Facilities
  • Design of Post Fire Flood and Sediment Mitigation Facilities
  • Development of River Erosion Hazards and Mitigation Plans
  • FEMA Flood Hazards and Flood Insurance Rate Maps
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Computer Modeling
  • Modeling and Design for Bridges and Culverts
  • NPDES Compliance
  • Requesting FEMA Letters of Map Change
  • Urban Storm Drain Master Plans and Capital Facilities Plans
  • Water Quality and Pollution Prevention

Irrigation Water

  • Automation of Gates and Regulating Structures
  • Canal Lining
  • Canal Piping Projects
  • Canal Repairs
  • Canal Safety Assessments
  • Diversion Structure Design and Rehabilitation
  • Permitting of Utilities Crossings of Canals
  • Pumping Station Design
  • Secondary Water System Master Planning

Dams and Reservoirs

  • Computer Simulation of Dam Breach Scenarios
  • Dam Safety Rehabilitation
  • Design of Dam, Outlet Works, and Spillway Facilities
  • Hydrology Studies
  • Preparation of Emergency Action Plans
  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Reservoir Operation Modeling


  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)
  • Drinking Water Source Protection (DWSP)
  • Groundwater Management Plans
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations and Characterization
  • Monitoring and Water Quality Sampling
  • Shallow Groundwater Drainage Facilities
  • Spring Design
  • Water Rights
  • Well Construction Services
  • Well Design
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Well Siting Studies
Environmental icon.


Environmental Services

  • 404 Clean Water Act
  • Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • Categorical Exclusion Preparation
  • Design of Stream Restoration Projects
  • Environmental Assessment Preparation
  • Environmental Impact Statement Preparation
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Environmental Remediation and Reporting
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Field Surveys
  • Habitat Restoration Plans
  • Mitigation and Restoration Plans
  • NEPA Compliance
  • Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Public Involvement Process
  • Restoration of Historic Water Structures
  • Scoping Document Preparation
  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plans
  • Stream Erosion Hazard Evaluation and Mitigation
  • Treatment Wetlands
  • Wetland Delineations/Surveys
  • Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring Plans

Landscape Architecture

  • Onsite Monitoring
  • Planting and Irrigation Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Site Restoration Plans
  • Water Conservation Demonstration Gardens

Parks and Recreation

  • Park Master Planning
  • Pedestrian and Foot Bridges Design
  • Recreational Parks
  • Trail and Greenway Master Planning
Site Development icon.


Site Development Civil Engineering

  • Agency Coordination
  • Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Mass Grading Plans
  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Utilities Planning and Design
  • Utility Relocation
Wastewater icon.


Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion Systems
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Cogeneration Facilities Design
  • Design of Biosolids and Odor Control Facilities
  • Design of Complete Treatment Facilities
  • Discharge Permits
  • Disinfection Systems
  • Evaluation of Design Wastewater Scalping Plants
  • Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)
  • Nutrient Removal
  • Pilot Plant Studies
  • Preliminary, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Treatment Systems
  • Preparation of Facility Plans
  • Reuse Water System Planning and Design
  • Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation Studies (SSES)
  • Secondary & Tertiary Treatment Systems
  • Sewer System Management Planning
  • Solids Dewatering
  • Treatment Facility Upgrades and Expansions

Wastewater Collection Systems

  • Collection System Master Plans and Capital Facilities Plans
  • Corrosion and Odor Control Studies
  • Design of Wastewater Metering Structures and Devices
  • Force Main Design
  • Gravity Pipeline Design and Rehabilitation
  • Infrastructure Inspection and Condition Assessment
  • Interceptor Design
  • Pumping Station Design and Rehabilitation
  • Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation Studies (SSES)
  • Utah Sewer Management Plant (USMP) Planning and Support
  • Utilization of Trenchless Technologies
  • Wastewater Collection System Hydraulic Modeling
Industrial icon.


Industrial Services

  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Heavy Mechanical
  • Materials Handling and Conveyance
  • Process Engineering
  • Process Water Treatment
Construction management icon.


Construction Managment Services

  • Claims Management
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Construction Administration/Inspection
  • Partnering
  • Public Awareness Programs
Structural icon.


Structural Engineering Services

  • Commercial/Industrial Buildings
  • Seismic Analysis, Design and Retrofit
  • Highway and Railroad Bridges
  • Waste/Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Pumping Stations
  • Water Reservoirs
Electrical and instrumentation icon.


Electrical Engineering

  • Emergency Power Generation systems.
  • Exterior Lighting: Area Security and Parking
  • Grounding Systems
  • Interior Lighting: Commercial and Industrial
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Motor Controls: Full and Reduced Voltage Starters, Variable Speed Controllers
  • Power Distribution: Switchgear, Motor Control Centers Transformers, (Medium & Low Voltage).
  • Specifications and CAD Drawings
  • Standby Power Generation systems.

Instrumentation Design and Specification

  • Analyzers
  • CAD Drawings (P&ID, Loop)
  • Control Valves
  • Dam Instrumentation
  • Meters
  • Pressure
  • Pumps
  • Temperature

Controls Automation and SCADA (PLC, HMI, RTU)

  • CAD Drawings (Panel Layout, Network, IO Diagrams)
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Startup and Commissioning
  • Support
  • Training


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Computer Model/GIS Database Interface
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Database Design and Development
  • Database Management and Analysis
  • GIS Mapping Services
  • GPS Data Collection and Field Work
  • Operations Management
  • Training