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Volunteer Service Day with Salt Lake County

May 30, 2019

A few weeks ago, staff from BC&A were able to volunteer some time to work with Salt Lake County on installing benches and beautifying the surrounding areas in a handful of spots along the Jordan River Trail. In all, our teams installed five benches and cleared weeds from around the bench areas.

We had an absolute blast

BC&A Trash Boom Project Receives High Praise from Locals

April 8, 2019

In 2017, BC&A, along with Salt Lake County and several government agencies, completed work on a floating trash boom in the Jordan River that collects trash that would otherwise travel to the Great Salt Lake and its surrounding wetlands. The project has been such a success, that KSL News recently did a follow-up piece on the trash boom, and why it has been so successful. Some unique project elements:

  • Tuffboom floating trash boom: This type of floating trash boom consists of a series of connected 8-foot-long floating barrier segments. The barrier is tall enough to prevent debris from flowing over. The boom is anchored in place by concrete block anchors buried in the river banks and by steel anchor piles placed in the river. The anchors are specifically located to allow a large amount of debris to accumulate on the boom without blocking access to the boat passage.
  • Boat passage: The boat passage consists of a 15-foot-wide opening between the steel pile anchors in the River channel. The location and angle of the passage allow debris to flow past without short-circuiting.
  • Equipment Access and Turnaround: An access road was constructed from 3300 North along the east bank of the River to the trash boom. At the boom a turnaround was provided for dump trucks or other trucks. A concrete ramp on the river bank and a concrete pad at the top of the bank were constructed to provide large equipment access to easily remove trash and debris from the River and transfer it to dump trucks.
  • Camera Monitoring: A heavy duty solar powered camera was installed on a pole near the trash boom to provide real-time images to Salt Lake County personnel. The camera transmits images by cellular phone network and allows personnel to monitor when it is necessary to remove floating debris.

Check out the KSL video here:


BC&A Proudly Recognizes our 2018 and 2019 Associates!

February 1, 2019

New Moab Wastewater Reclamation Facility Ribbon Cutting

January 25, 2019

For the past several months, BC&A has been involved in planning, engineering design, bidding, and construction management of the new Moab Water Reclamation Facility in Moab City, Utah. Although the facility has been operating at full capacity for the last few months, BC&A personnel, along with city officials and plant staff, were able to participate in an official ribbon cutting event to commemorate this state of the art facility. From the feedback we have been receiving, this plant is far exceeding the expectations of the City and plant officials. A huge congratulations to those BC&A staff who were able to work on this incredible project.

Read more about the ribbon cutting event here:

Michael Collins Recognized for Outstanding Career

December 28, 2018

Recently, BC&A founder Michael Collins was recognized in Utah Construction & Design magazine for his outstanding and noteworthy contribution to the water resources field over his 40 year career. While Mike is still very much an active member of our team, he has scaled back to half-time in order to enjoy a “more relaxing pace working directly with clients and not worrying about the day-to-day nuances of managing a firm with 19 partners and 70 employees in three offices.” We are so proud of Mike and all the important work he has done throughout the intermountain west.

Click the link below to read the magazine article (article begins on page 22 of PDF).